Title: Qalq-a-yin secen qan ayimaG-un beyise-yin jerge jasaG MingjUrdorji- yin qosiGun-u nutuG-un jiruG
“Map of the territory of the ruling prince Minjuurdorj with the rank of Beis, (1806-1866) banner of Setsen Han Aimag (province) of Halha”
Date: BUrintU jasaGci-yin GurbaduGar on namurun dumdadu sarayin sineyin doloGan
“Seventh day of the middle month of autumn in the third year of Tongzhi (同治) (1864)”
Seal: Qalq-a-yin [doron-a jam-un] dumdaduki emUnetU qosiGu-yi jakiruGci tamaG-a
“Seal of the ruler of the Middle Southern banner in the Eastern road of Halha”
Size: 65 x 80 cm
Material: Chinese paper
Cf. M005, 773 Hs.or.85.(1907) (Heissig 1961: 402-403), 774 Hs.or.139.(1910) (Heissig 1961: 403; Heissig 1978: 78)
References: Сономдагва 1998: 149-153; МУШ 1997 I: 78-80.
Note: This map is the oldest of those with a recorded date, and is oriented with south at the top. Although the mountains, rivers and lakes are drawn and colored like a landscape picture, the map has no place names and the border of the banner is drawn in red ink on only three sides, omitting the eastern border - suggesting that the map might have been abandoned before it could be completed.