Title: None [Sili-yin Gool-un ciGulGan-u qaGucid-un jegUn qosiGun-u nutuG-un jiruG]
“Map of the territory of the Left banner of Huuchid of the Shiliin Gol League”
Date: Olan-a ergUgdegsen-U qoyaduGar on qabur-un dumdadu sar-a-yin sine-yin jirGuGan
“6th day of the middle spring month in the second year of Olnoo O’rgogdson (1912)”
Seal: QaGucid-un jegUn qosiGu-yi jakiruGci jasaG-un tamaG-a
“Seal of the ruler of the Left banner of Huuchid”
Size: 125 x 55 cm
Material: Chinese paper
Cf. 812 Hs.or.129 (1901) (Heissig 1961: 426; Heissig 1978: 106), 813 Hs.or.254. (Heissig 1961: 426-427)
References: МУШ 1997 I: 96-98.
Note: This map shows the Left Huuchid Banner of the Shiliin Gol League in Southern (Inner) Mongolia, bordered on the north by Tu’den’s banner of Setsen Han Aimag (M010). The ruling prince, Selnentojil, was one of the strongest activitsts in Southern Mongolia for joining the Bogd Haan’s Mongolian state, and wrote a letter pledging allegiance to Bogd Haan in early 1912 (Tachibana 2005: 92, note 43). It is probable that this map was made and sent to Ih Hu’ree at that time. Selnentojil remained in the Mongol state at least until 1918-1919, when “Zarligaar togtooson Mongol ulsyn shastir (Tables and Biographies of the Nobility of the Mongol state)” was compiled.