Title: TUsiyetU qan ayimaG-un Acitu gUng Badaraqu-yin qosiGu nutuG-un jiruG
“Map of the territory of the banner of ‘Achit’ Prince Badrah (1896-1921) of Tu’sheet Han Aimag”
Date: Olan-a ergUgdegsen-U GurbaduGar on ilegUU arban qoyar sarayin
“[] of the added 12th month in the third year of Olnoo O’rgogdson (1914)”
Seal: None
Size: 70 x 60 cm
Material: Cloth
Cf. M002, 711 Hs.or.69.(1907) (Heissig 1961: 374; Heissig 1978: 37)
References: Сономдагва 1998: 73-74; МУШ 1997 I: 48-49.
Note: This map represents the same banner as M002. However the area between the post road and the oboos shown on M002 has been omitted. It seems to have been merged into the “Eyetei” Prince’s banner after the collapse of the Qing dynasty in 1911 and the abolishment of “Harchin O’rtoo”.