Title: KemciG Gool-un uriyangqai-yi jakirqu gUng-Un jerge bUgUde-yin daruG-a Buyanbadaraqu-yin nutuG-un jiruG
“Map of the territory of the Bu’gdiin Darga (General Chief) with the rank of Prince, Buyanbadrah ruling the Urianhais of the Kemchig River”
Date: Olan-a ergUgdegsen-U GurbaduGar on dOrben sar-a-yin sine-yin nigen
“First day of the fourth month in the 3rd year of Olnoo O’rgogdson (1913)”
Seal: Nomun qan Jalqangja qutuGtu-yin Sabinar-i jakiraqu tamaG-a
“Seal governing the Nomun Han Jalhanz Hutagt’s Shabinar”
Size: 70 x 105 cm
Material: Cloth
Cf. 685 Tangnu Uriyangqai Hs.or.117. (Heissig 1961: 353-354; Heissig 1978: 133); ZEZL:193 (1869).
Note: The seal on this map is that of the Jalhanz Hutagt’s Shavis. The Jalhanz Hutagt Damdinbazar (1874-1923) was one of the “Hutagts with Seal” of Zasagt Han Aimag. Since he had worked at the Shar Su’m or the Tu’geemel Amarjuulagch Temple in Hovd for three years beginning in 1902 (Дашбадрах 2004:143), he had great influence as a religious leader over the people of Western Mongolia. When the Bogd Haan sent him to pacify Western Mongolia in 1912, Buyanbadrah came to join the army of Bogd Haan and his subjects and territory were annexed to the Jalhanz Hutagt’s Shavis (Гангааням 1993: 21).