Title: None [Secen qan ayimaG-un jasaG terigUn jerge tayiji Γombojab-un qosiGun-u nutuG-un jiruG]
“Map of the territory of the banner of Gombojav (1801-1811), ruling prince, Prince of the first rank of Setsen Han Aimag”
Date: None [1803 - 1805]
Seal: Qalq-a-yin jegUn jam-un dumdadu adaG-un baraGun eteged-Un qosiGu-yi jakiruGci tamG-a
“Seal of the ruler of the Middle Rear banner on the Eastern road of Halha”
Size: 45 x 55 cm
Material: Chinese paper
Cf. 759 Hs.or.12.(1907) (Heissig 1961: 397), 760 Hs.or.138.(1910) (Heissig 1961: 397; Heissig 1978: 71)
References: Сономдагва 1998: 122-125; МУШ 1997 I: 95-96.
Note: This map is presumed to have been produced between 1803 and 1805 (嘉慶8-10), making it the oldest in our collection. This is based on the names of the ruling princes given for neighboring banners on the map. The periods of rule of the different princes were as follows: Gombojav 1801-1811 (for this banner); Gonchigjav 1784-1814; Dorjjav 1782-1818; Tsedenvanbuu 1802-1821; Oidovtseven 1803-1809; and Sonom 1778-1805. The period during which all of these princes simultaneously held office was 1803-1805.