Title: MongGol arad ulus-un Gajar-un jiruG; SinjilekUi uqaGan-u kUriyeleng
“Land map of the Mongolian People’s State; Institute of Sciences”
Date: [1931-1932]
Seal: None
Size: 40 x 70 cm
Material: Canvas
Note: This map was created between 1931 and 1932. There are 13 aimags indicated on the map: Hovd, Do’rved, Zavhan, Altai, Ho’vsgol, Ar Hangai, O’vor Hangai, Tarialan, To’v, O’mno Govi, Hentii, Dorno Govi and Dornod. In 1931, the old aimags and banners were totally abolished and these new 13 aimags were established with 311 sums. Later, on December 30, 1932, the Council of Ministers decided to change the names of two aimags - Tarialan was renamed Selenge, and Do’rvod was renamed Uvs (Сономдагва 1967: 40).